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We offer an online marketplace for men and women motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages. Riders can purchase Cannella Custom Cycles parts, accessories and apparel online through the CannellaCustom Cycles Online Store.

Our Founder

Chris A. Cannella

Chris’s application of expert mechanical skills and artistic talent to motorcycles awes his customers. A native of Florida, Chris is the company’s lead designer, responsible for the company’s initial design concepts, templates, and the modification and customization of accessories.

With a 20-year career in aviation, Chris’ creativity and mechanical mastery of engines and systems can be found in the “one of a kind” creations he crafts for customers and the many variations of after market designs and accessories he customizes. His relentless attention to detail ensures a level of quality and safety designed to please the most discriminating motorcycle owners.

When he’s not customizing motorcycles or designing templates he serves as a QC Inspector for the Challenger and Global Express with Bombardier Aerospace. Chris uncovered his passion for aircraft and mechanical aptitude when he entered the U.S. Army – Aviation Division after high school. He’s also enjoyed a lifelong artistic talent that surfaced in impressive drawings as a young boy.

Creating Cannella Custom Cycles and sharing his deepest passion with other motorcycle enthusiasts is truly Chris’s dream come true.

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